1. Fear of Flying

From the recording flying

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Mary Bennet – vocals, guitar
Anne Lindsay – violin
Alyssa Wright – cello
Murray Foster – upright bass

Written by Mary Bennet

You're in a cafe on the harbour
The man outside is still as a stone
You watch buskers and fire eaters
With more passion than you've ever known

Brightly coloured sails flap in the wind
Life enchants you there
As the sun sets down beyond the mountains
You feel the warm sea air, the salty air

Did I tell you that I love you
Did I tell you that I miss you
Did I tell you that I'm always, always thinking of you
Did you lose your fear of flying
Was it so death defying
There's no use in denying, denying that I'm always
Thinking of you

I eat alone
And listen for your footsteps at the door
I yearn for your return, though I know you're drawn
To that distant shore

Spring's brought new fragrance to the air
And as far as I can tell
I've grown used to life without you
And I wish you well, oh I wish you well


And the man outside the cafe still stands, unmoving