1. The Flood

From the recording flying

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Mary Bennet – vocals, guitar
Jason LaPrade – dobro, second guitar
Murray Foster – upright bass

Written by Mary Bennet

Granny said "I've got an ache in my knees
And a strange, overpowering sense of unease"
Sandbaggers shake their heads in dismay
"Never seen the river like this", they say

Wish I could just run but the road out is gone
The flood's taken trees, homes and manicured lawns
Wild wind, pounding waves and hard driving rain
We've come together, we're sharing the pain

The wind blows and my sorrow grows
And time...goes...on

The Major wants us to heed his demands
Feels like war to him, he shouts out commands
And old Noah Jones throws his hands to the sky
While children in a yellow canoe paddle by

Dogs running loose, chaos, dread
And heroes and helpers who keep us fed
That kid from the corner who often tells lies
Well he swears he saw Dillard's pickup float by


Water's receding, clean up's ahead
Some old-timers say they'd be better off dead
And me, I finally let go of my tears
I can't help but wonder.....where do we go from here?


Still the wind blows and my sorrow grows, but my love for this land lives on and on and on