From the recording flying

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Mary Bennet – vocals, harmony vocals, guitar
Russell deCarle – vocals
Jason LaPrade – dobro
Murray Foster – upright bass

Written by Tim O'Brien, Pat Alger (Howdy Skies Music, Universal Music Corp., Universal-Polygram Int'l Pub Inc)

There was a time when we'd be the last to leave
Watching the sun come up while everyone fell asleep
The music was always loud and I'd smoke and drink too much
Until I'd fall in your arms and into your lovin' touch
Now as the years roll by, time has reeled me in
I've slowed down a notch or two from the way things were then

Those old ways of mine, I've left them behind
Those crazy days are through
The only thing I still do like I used to do
Is carry this torch for you

Remember the days when we'd pack our bags and run
Chasing a crazy dream into the morning sun
Now as the twilight falls, I find I'm satisfied
Watching the fire glow as long as you're by my side
Here in my heart it seems, time has passed me by
I love you as much today as the very first time

I still want you the way I wanted you then
If I could do it all over, I'd do it all over again