1. Sara

From the recording flying

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Mary Bennet – vocals, guitar
Anne Lindsay – fiddle
Rosemary Phelan – harmony vocals
Murray Foster – upright bass
Jason LaPrade – bodhran, second guitar

Written by Mary Bennet

She hangs red peppers in wavy windows
Sets three white candles just below
She talks to trees, and they speak to her
And she knows more than anyone should ever know

Sara dances wildly in the moonlight
To a drummer only she can see
Blowing petals in a field of yellow daisies
Sending fiddle tunes out on the breeze

On Fridays she rides to town
On her Appaloosa pony, haulin' moonshine from her still
Wearing socks she made from treasured scraps of yarn
That are much too big for any feet to fill

Curious villagers drop by
And leave with love potions and charms that mystify
Some say she's crazy
Others believe she can fly

A shadowy night, wolves howl in the distance
She tunes her violin
Candles flicker in the window
She waits...she waits...waits, she waits for him